How much does it cost to browse jobs posted on NorthernNevadaJobs.com?

Browsing jobs is FREE!

Can I apply for a job online in NorthernNevadaJobs.com?

Yes, each job posted has an "Apply Online" button that opens an online application. You may send your resume directly to the employer who posted the job.

When I apply for jobs online, are my applications stored for me?

Yes, you may review your applications at any time after you log into your NorthernNevadaJobs.com account.

Can I save jobs and read them in detail later?

Yes, you can save jobs and open them later to read and/or send an online resume.

How much does it cost to post a resume?

You may post your resume for FREE on NorthernNevadaJobs.com.

Can I upload my resume as a document for employers to read?

Yes, you may upload your resume as a Microsoft Word document.

How can I know that my resume is being reviewed by employers?

When you log into your account, you are shown the number of times your resume has been reviewed.

How much does it cost to attend the Showcase Career Expo events?

All of our events are FREE for job seekers.

Is NorthernNevadaJobs.com a placement or staffing firm?

NorthernNevadaJobs.com is a locally-focused resource that provides a job board and Career Expo events through which job seekers and employers can connect. We are not a staffing or placement service. Our role is to provide job seekers with access to positions available at local companies, and to present helpful employment related resources. It is up to the job seekers to apply to jobs they find on our website.

Can I get an email alert when a job is posted?

Yes, daily alerts can be emailed to you listing the new job postings that meet your selected criteria.


How much does it cost to post a job or browse resumes?

Our job postings start at $119 for a 30-day posting. We also offer job posting packages called 'Job Packs' that offer multiple job posting credits to make hiring even more cost-effective. To make our Job Packs even more cost effective, and your recruiting time more productive, they include access to our resume database at no extra charge. Please feel free to review our pricing and subscription plans in the Employers/Rates page for the option that best fits your needs and budget.

Why are your prices so affordable compared to your competitors?

Our goal is to help facilitate a connection between Job Seekers and Employers in the northern Nevada area by providing a high-quality, cost-effective job board. Because we're local, we can operate very efficiently — we don't have the high overhead and huge infrastructure costs incurred by the large, national job boards — or other job boards that market themselves as local. This enables us to keep our prices affordable.

How long are my postings available?

Job postings automatically expire in 30 days. You may suspend and/or remove your job posting at any time.

If I remove my job posting prior to the 30-day expiration, will I receive a partial refund for the remaining days?

The job posting price is based on a 30-day advertising period. There are no refunds for early removal of postings.

Can I post more than one job in a single job posting?

Because we provide a cost-effective solution for your recruitment and hiring needs, only one job may be included in a job posting. Multiple jobs in one posting reduces the effectiveness of targeting specific types of job seekers, and therefore impacts the quality of your results.

How do job seekers apply for jobs I've posted on NorthernNevadaJobs.com?

Job seekers can apply directly through NorthernNevadaJobs.com. You can review these applications using your NorthernNevadaJobs.com employer account. Or, you can list contact information in your job posting so job seekers can contact you directly. If you prefer, you may include a link to your company's online application in your job posting.

If I have more questions, how do I contact you?

You may email us at: info@northernnevadajobs.com, or you may send us a message from our Contact Us page. Monday through Friday, we will get back to you within 24 hours.